Laravel Multiple Values Request Parameter with Multi perimeter Filter with Null value also.


Just read, understand, copy those code and replace by your variables and fields it should work correctly. Don’t scared of those codes, most of them are for presenting data with professional way.

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Controller Index Function: Pass request to our functions and returning data with collection. You can return without collection also.

Step1: Passing all request to findBy function.

2. FindBy Function: Here we pass data to main method and organize data.

Step2: Receive all data from controller, Call our main function, process and output arrange.

3. Main Function: Here we added logic and query to filter data. See output you will understood this function easily.

Step3: Receive all data from findBy, Build logic and Query, returned Data.

Input and Output- You will found multi perimeter output with multi value with null value also.

Output: My output is huge, i added only two screenshot of them.

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